The structure of Flexographic Printing Plate DR284-II

1200mm × 2032mm
1067mm × 2032mm
1067mm × 1524mm
762 mm × 1016mm

Technical Specification of DR284-II 

Type  DR284-II
Plate thickness (mm) 2.84
Laser Ablation Energy (J/cm2 ) 3.2
Durometer (Shore A) 45-48
Relief depth (mm) 1.0-1.4
Image reproduction 2-98%
Maximum line (line/inch) 120
Minimm isolated line 0.15mm
Minimum isolated dot 0.25mm

Platemaking Data Recommended:

Back Exposure (sec): 25-35
Main Exposure (min): 12-18
Table Rinsing (min): 5-8
On-line Washer Rinsing (mm/min): 130-150
Drying (hrs): 1.5-2 
Detackfying (min): 5-8
Post exposure (min): 5

Calibration curve just similar to Flint Digital Flexo plate. The accurate data will be obtained in the next three month.

1. All the above data is depended on the plate-making device in Huaguang.
2. Due to the different requirements of plate-making device, UV lamp power, relief depth and print image, the above recommended time can be changed suitable.
3. Customers should test on their own device for optimum plate quality

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